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Dan Evans

I'm Dan Evans, Toronto Blue Jays scout, SMWW mentor, SABR Board member, Baseball Prospectus Advisory Board, MLB expert

Dan Evans's Bio:

Dan Evans' 30-year career in all aspects of professional baseball enables him to yield experienced, solid advice and render an opinion as an authority of the game that he loves. Evans, who began his career as an intern, has been in decision-making roles with five MLB franchises spanning over three decades. A former General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Evans is now with the Toronto Blue Jays, and also serves as a mentor to Sports Management Worldwide students. His unique perspective is a distinct advantage, as Dan Evans is the only former General Manager of a MLB club who also led a baseball representation firm.

Dan Evans is current and focused with Major League, minor league, Japanese, international, independent, and amateur baseball. He has the second-best winning percentage for GM in Dodger history and during his tenure as Dodger GM oversaw the two most productive consecutive drafts in MLB history, including All-Stars Matt Kemp and Russell Martin, along with James Loney and AJ Ellis. Evans has an extremely versatile skill set with enthusiasm and an excellent work ethic.

Evans currently evaluates baseball talent all over the world and oversees Pacific Rim Operations as part of his responsibilities for the Toronto Blue Jays organization and also serves as a mentor for Sports Management Worldwide's "Baseball GM and Scouting" on-line course. 

Dan Evans' Twitter account - @DanEvans108 - was recognized by Forbes as among the "Top 100 Must-Follow Sports Business Twitter Accounts," recently selected by BaseballAmerica as one of the "Top 50 Baseball-Related Twitter Accounts," has been recognized as "Who to Follow" by Twitter, Top Prospect Alert, and Bleacher Report, and was named among "30 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Baseball Fanatics" byMashable.

Dan Evans' LinkedIn profile was among the Top 1% viewed in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Dan Evans was an author of "108 Stitches," a column for Baseball Prospectus prior to joining the Blue Jays.

Dan Evans is a pioneer in the use of technology to analyze baseball, an original board member of the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation, has been a SABR member his entire career, and is a regular contributor on numerous television entities, radio shows, Internet sites, and podcasts across North America. 

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Family, friends, fun, baseball, sports, running, history, chocolate, traveling, DePaul University, music, SMWW, SABR, Chicago Blackhawks, my dogs, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

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